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youre so pretty when you die

love songs always make me cry

just call me miss ann thorpe
2 December
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can you stop the train?

if we run far away do you think we will ever die?

i really like the white stripes ♥

25 ta life, 50 cent, 59 times the pain, 7 angels 7 plagues, a perfect murder, across five aprils, aftershock, agnostic front, alex kidd, all bets off, all else failed, all out war, american nightmare, american nothing, anal cunt, andrew wk, another victim, arab on radar, arson, assuck, atreyu, bad brains, bananarama, bane, becker, bikini kill, blondie, blood brothers, blood has been shed, bloodlet, boy sets fire, boys night out, brody armstrong, brother's keeper, burnt by the sun, bury your dead, caliban, cave in, clenched fist, congress, converge, count me out, crossfire, curl up and die, cyndi lauper, dark day dawning, dashies, day of contempt, days of iris, dead blue sky, dead poetic, dead to fall, death threat, debbie harry, dodgin bullets, duran duran, earth crisis, emo, end this day, evergreen terrace, explodingdog.com, eyes upon separation, face to face, floor punch, found dead hanging, fugazi, giuseppe andrews, glassjaw, good clean fun, green day, grey area, hatebreed, he-man, himsa, hopesfall, horsell common, hot cross, hot hot heat, hymn from above, in dying days, in my eyes, jackass, joan jett, johnny knoxville, kill your idols, lutikriss, madball, madonna, manhunt, martyr ad, minor threat, morning again, most precious blood, movies, negative approach, norma jean, otep, overcome, pantera, photography, rains of apathy, refused, saetia, santa sangre, savestheday, sega mega drive, shai hulud, shotpointblank, sick of it all, taken, ten yard fight, terror, the 60's, the beatles, the cure, the distillers, the edge, the get up kids, the hope conspiracy, the locust, the path of resistance, the promise, the simpsons, the smiths, the white stripes, this day forward, thursday, tsunami bomb, underoath, undying, unearth, until the end, violent edge, wage of sin, walls of jericho, within blood, xdisciplex ad, yourefuckingfiredbob, youth of today, zao